Copywriting Portfolio

So what’s the story?

Every company’s got a story—but it takes great storytelling to really get an audience to listen.

My story is that I’m an award-winning fiction-writer who began subsidizing the literary life by helping companies tell better stories. My first book, Here Beneath Low-Flying Planes, won the Iowa Award for Short Fiction—which means, of course, that I bring serious storytelling savvy and real writerly chops to all of your marketing, communications, and brand journalism content.

With a storyteller’s insight, a killer command of language, and an extra-nice knack for tonal control, I can adopt brand persona, angle in to any message, engage the audience, and craft content that consistently makes an impact—effectively reinforcing your brand across all platforms and tweaking tone toward any given readership.

And with 14 years teaching in the graduate and undergraduate creative writing classroom, I’m also well-equipped to teach your team to curate brand content and to speak your brand language with swoon-inducing fluency.

So tell me your story—and let’s make it a great one.