The Lookbook As Jedi Mind Trick

These Are *Exactly* the Droids You’re Looking For

Spring ahead. Spring into action. Let the spring cleaning begin! Put a spring in your step. Get sprung!

There’s certainly no better season for wordplay, but when I began writing Poppin’s Spring Lookbook, I realized that the goal was to do more than produce punchy copy, it was to produce punchy copy with a purpose: To make the press feel that a Poppin story practically wrote itself.



The Catalog that Moonlights as Journalist

Though it’s costumed as a catalog, the Lookbook has the power to alert the press to the story it should be writing.

Poppin’s Director of PR provided a list of the Lookbook’s featured categories, and I set out to write copy that wrote its own way into the press.

I wanted even the most jaded, harried, or totally inexperienced writers, editors, and producers to feel inspired to lift this copy and insert it directly into their stories, making it a no-brainer to include Poppin in any spring-themed feature.

I worked to anticipate the angles of potential media coverage and to craft attention-grabbing lines that would immediately conjure editorial possibilities. By asserting a series of compelling product-positionings, the Lookbook continually creates context for coverage—and the language is spun with enough charm that it brings its own energy to a story.

The Spring 2013 Lookbook was my first, so I’m particularly proud of it. While staying true to brand voice, I was able to write copy that’s punchy, primed within a context to inspire media interest, and finessed to press-readiness.

My former students would also find it hilarious that, after so much time policing plagiarism in the classroom, here I am doing my best to push for it!

Spring 2013 Lookbook – PDF

Back-To-School 2013 Lookbook – PDF


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