Putting Yourself Out There: Brand Seeking Love

Brand Persona Looks for Love on Social Media + Shipping Boxes

It’s just like mom always told you: If you really want to meet people, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

These Product Personal Ads went out every day of the week—riding shotgun on Poppin’s shipping boxes and cavorting across the internet to work the social media scene.



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How better to support the brand’s “work-happy” slogan than slapping the happy on the outside of the box too? Not only does the UPS guy get a chuckle, but you further establish brand iconography and endearing product personification at the same time.

By tethering the wit to actual product characteristics, I was able incorporate trustworthiness, credibility, and workplace savvy into the straight-up sass of the brand voice, dimesionalizing it and priming it to take on the office expertise that Poppin then introduced into its storyline.

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