826NYC + The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Back in Brooklyn, I had the good fortune of living just down the street from the gutted storefront that would become 826NYC and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., a non-profit writing center.

I first started helping out by writing mission statements, web copy, press releases, and fundraising appeals—and, of course, before long I was inventing Superhero products by the dozen, naming them, writing product descriptions, and spray mounting labels onto empty cardboard boxes, stocking the store until the wee hours to prove that, indeed, art had the power to invent a new world.

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Collective effort went into most of the store signage; Scott Seeley and I concocted the original roster of Secret Identity Kits. I wish I had more pictures but somewhere in my parents’ basement, I have a prototype label for the never-released “product” Sticky Foot: For Better Shimmying and Climbing. Get me some of that, I say!

The Story Is In The Juju

There’s a whole lot of story behind the story of Juju Supply Co., which offers up a stunning jewelry collection—along with the galvanizing reminder that the objects we keep close have the power to harness our focus, transform our attitudes, and inspire us to keep going, no matter what we’re going through.

The company’s backstory spans decades and enough drama to convince anyone to keep a totem at the ready, so it was a challenge to boil down to a mission statement and quick copy sound bytes to beckon a new breed of jewelry shopper. I’m truly honored to have been a part of it!

I also loved helping come up with copy for Juju’s social media staple, 5 Questions—and there’s no better treat than reading a new set of answers.

 You definitely must check out Juju Supply Co.

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Let’s Talk Shop: B2B Marketing


Though Poppin initially geared its collateral toward the office fashionista with messaging about extending your style all the way to work place, the focus shifted toward B2B accounts. With this shift, I began writing materials that spoke directly to CEOs interested in boosting morale; HR reps in need of “New Hire Attire”; and various niche groups interested in increasing productivity with a workplace that made work feel good. In addition to touting bigger ticket items, such as furnishings, Customization was also a big campaign geared toward our B2B audience.